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Our beer is a modern expression of place and tradition . A gift from time honoured cultures.


 Ancient civilisations first discovered beer. It was seen as a path of enlightenment. We pay homage to all who have brewed in the past and follow these traditions to create our beer as we know it today. We are privileged to produce such an ancient product and respect its evolution through time. The essence of beer from ancient knowledge.


Many cultures believed beer was a gift from God. The oldest proven records of  brewing are about 6,000 years old and refer to the Sumerians who discovered the fermentation process by chance. This life giving nectar and spiritual lubricant could be described as the catalyst that determined the modern world above all other as cultures embraced beer as a staple food stuff.  


The gift of fermentation was gratefully received by the medieval British and the term 'Godisgoode' was bestowed upon yeast as a fitting tribute to a higher force that trancended all that went before 'bicause it cometh of the grete grace of God'. Bread and Beer lay at the hearts of all diets.


Today, art, science and tradition are combined in the brewing process. Choices of ingredients and balances of flavour aromas determine the finished beer. The chemical reactions between the grain, water, hops and yeast are complex. So much consideration is given to the incredible range of flavours available to us: flavours that can be harnessed to match our moods and the food we eat into the incredible, multifacteted beer we see before us.

Let the taste awakening begin.......

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